air jet looms

HY80/HY90 Air jet Loom

Haiying High Speed & Energy Saving of Air Jet Loom

For this goal, Haiying Textile Machinery has researched and developed HY90 Airjet Loom through referring to all kinds of weaving machines at home and abroad. HY90 has made detailed improvement on high-speed adaptability, products compatibility, operation ability, energy conservation and safety so as to help clients deal with the more and more competitive market environment

High Speed Adaptability

Box-type Wallboard Structure

The strong and tough frame is formed by the new wallboards at both sides and 4 pieces of cross beams. The middle supports under the beams have further strengthened the vibration resistance. and the heavy machine body has laid a solid foundation for the machine with the high speed and low noise.

Eccentric rocker beating up structure

Eccentric rocker beating up structure, can greatly reduce vibration and noise, and provides a foundation for high speed weaving. Comparing with former loom, the ground vibration reduces around 25%.

Unified Lubricating System

Main transmission parts (Casing Parts) is lubricated by oil bath and others are lubricated by centralized oil-supplying system. Automatic oil-supplying device can automatically lubricate equipment by the instructions on display.

Main motor Direct drive motor (Optional)

Successfully used direct drive technology of new energy vehicle on HY90 airjet loom, achieved progressive improvement. Weaver can adjust the function of multi weft density and speed in touch screen. The rotor of direct drive motor is made of permanent magnet material, so there is no rotor resistance and hysteresis loss in normal operation. Therefore, the motor has high efficiency, large starting torque and obvious energy saving effect.

Beating-up Mechanism with High Speed Adaptability

Narrow Fabric Loom adopts 4-bar linkage beating-up mechanism with high speed adaptability. It has short beating-up stroke and small vibration when it runs at high speed so that it can beat up forcefully and steadily.

Broad Loom adopts 6-bar linkage beating-up mechanism with longer post-center stillness time in order to improve the steady weft running

Extensive Product Compatibility

Multiple Shedding System

Crank Shedding: 4/6heald frames (Optional)

Suitable for plain weave with high quality.

Positive Cam Shedding

Max 10 heald frames

  • Suitable for plain, twill and satin weave, especially for heavy, broad loom.
  • Dobby Shedding: Max 16 Heald Frames (Optional) Suitable for versatile plain, twill, satin and small jacquard weave with high additional value.
  • Jacquard Shedding (Optional)
dobby shedding

Airjet tuck in device, suitable for smooth selvage fabric. Different tuck in part with different width,

Normally 10mm.

Stable Cloth Fell

In-head Temple

It’s easy to install and take down the in-head. temple loom with raked cloth fell as it adopts up. to down pressing way. The cloth-leading board and the front end of temple bar are inserted into. the air-conducting part of steel reed, so it’s conducive to the stability of cloth fell and more: obviously effect can be achieved when it is applied for warp weave, double weave, jacquard weave and high density weave

Optimization of Angle

Computer simulation analysis optimizes the beating-up angle and stroke angle B, and enhances the beating-upl force to make it more suitable for weaving thick and heavy fabric.

Perfect Anti-stop Mark System

The ability of solving stop mark problem is an important indicator for performance of loom, and HY takes all kinds of means to avoid stop mark.

Electronic Let-off and Take-up Control Model

Both electronic let-off and electronic take-up are driven by AC servo-motor to guarantee the balance of the warp tension based on real-time testing and feedback. The joint operation of electronic let-off and take-up makes the machine-operation easier too.

The Set-up of Stop and Start Angle

According to the kinds of weaving fabric and the status of stop mark, the angle of stop and start can be randomly set up.

Double Back Rest Device

The application of double back rest is conducive to keeping the warp wrapping angle always the same. It has nothing to do with the size of weaving shaft and makes the testing of warp tension force easier and more accurate.

Sing Weft Insertion Function

When starting, the loom doesn’t beat up weft and can directly put weft when the yarn block needle is lifted so as to avoid stop mark of heavy twill weave.

Cloth Fell Follow-Up Model

When the loom stops, the cloth fell moves forward and make the steel be unable to beat it. Before the loom is on, the cloth fell automatically return and the loom normally starts.

Simple and Flexible Operation

Design of Low Machine Body

HY has improved the height and longitudinal depth of the machine, shortened distance between operators and reduced their labor intensity.

Out-mounted Loose Warp Device

As it adopts out-mounted loose warp device, it makes the deviation adjustment easier.

Infrared Safe Protective Feeler

The application of infrared safe protective feeler improves the safety of operators.


Energy-saving, Safe and Networked

Reduction of Air Consumption

One electromagnetic valve controls two assistant nozzles to make the air jetting more forceful. Because of the application of short assistant jetting space, it can guarantee the stability of weft insertion even though the assistant jetting press is low. Moreover, breast beam serving as assistant air pocket shortens the distance of weft feeding of assistant nozzles and reduces the loss of air pressure in the process.

The core of this technology is the calculation of weft insertion. controller, the application of weaving navigation system and the inverted cone type of assistant nozzle. Comparing with old technology, this one is more convenient for changing fabric type, achieve automatic guiding of the loom. weaving, obvious. energy saving effect which is 15%-20%.

Production Management Centralized Networking (Optional)

The system can automatically gather and deal with the production information of air-jet loom so you can timely grasp the running information and statistics of loom workshop.

A new generation of cylindrical photoelectric sensor with better. detection performance Opposite type photoelectric sensor

NPN output, non-stop detection.


Product Configuration Table