Rapid Jacquard Looms


ZBMax+ is the smartest rapier loom in china that owns three major brands of European looms.

  • Fastest weaving speed
  • Best style of cloth
  • Most intelligent
  • The machine is stylist & unique
Technical characteristics:
  • Drive mode
  • Shed opening mechanism
  • Weft insertion system
  • Beating system
  • Coiling mechanism & winding mechanism
  • Electronic let up mechanism
  • Pick finding mechanism
  • Electronic control system
  • Lubrication system
  • Accessibility

NH series electronic jacquard

NH series electronic jacquard is suitable for weaving taffeta fabric, satin fabric, terry fabric and industrial fabric by rapier and air jet loom. It is the best choice to produce high quality clothing fabric, silk fabrics, tapestries, etc.

  • NH-5376 needle
  • NH-7168 needle
  • NH-8960 needle
  • NH-10752 needle
  • NH-20160 needle
  • NH-34560 needle
  • The NH series electronic jacquard machine jacquard machine is very solid and heavy, wear-resisting, long service life and convenient maintenance.
  • The wide beam, casting wall plate, the whole machine is very stable, suitable for the large number of needles, heavy loads of heavy fabric weaving, high-speed operation is also very stable.
  • The conjugate CAM and the upper and lower biaxial drive, the opening mechanism movement is precise and non-vibrating.
  • The CAM drive is more conductive to the work of the component electromagnet and greatly reduces the wear off the hook and improves the service life of the component.