Water jet Looms​


Product features:

BETA X Model is a professional  model with improvement and innovation, machine let-off, shedding, taking-up, transmission system and whole parts are optimized and improved, it has capability for running at high speed stably, and has good performance for weaving light and medium density fabric, the products have wide range use. The optional electronic let-off (ELO), electronic take up (ETU), weft density variation and speed charging device can satisfy weaving demand for higher quality and more valuable fabrics. The options can be: cam/dobby shedding; single pump single- nozzle/double-nozzle; two-nozzle/three-nozzle/four-nozzle.

Feeder Model SHJ.M- High Speed Weft Insertion

Suitable for,

  • Specially designed software for high speed weaving technology
  • Highly sensitive weft sensor (feeler) (adv. Less stoppage)
  • Dual brake system (adv. for preventing starting mark stop mark)

Em-900-J type

Em-900-J type water jet loom is designed and developed based on EM 900 water jet loom. The width is from 150am to 360cm. This loom is equipped with a single nozzle, two or three nozzle; single or double warp beam, dual servo motor, electronic left off system, mechanical or electronic take up system and electronic jacquard unit. The range of applying fabric is widening continuously. Meting the changing market is reliable guarantee to win in competition.

Product features:
  • Nominal reed space (cms): 150/170/190/210/230/260/280
  • Connected electric power (kw): 2.2 KW 150cm or 2.8 KW 210cm 280cm (1.5KW optional)
  • Inching: stop control in position and operation by stop button
  • Frame structure: Box type
  • Weft accumulation: 2 nozzle m/c electronic weft accumulators; 1 nozzle m/c mechanical type
  • Water pump: 18 no. to 26 no. (as per your requirement)
  • Nozzle & needle: 0 no. to 40 no. (as per your requirement)
  • Weft packages holder stand: for four packages
  • Shedding: crank type plain tappet- 6 healed frames; Dobby type- 16 heald frames
  • Let-off: variable speed controller (0 max)
  • Weft density: 20-140 picks per inch
  • Beam flanges diameter (mm): 800mm
  • Leno device: planetary gear type with proximity switch
  • Drying/dehydration: by suction blower device
  • Weft yarn cutting: by mechanical cutters on both sides of selvedges
  • Electric power source: 380 V
  • Electric motors: 1.5 KW for 150cm to 190cm & 2.2 KW for 210cm to 280cm
  • Mechanical speed/working speed: 850 RPM plain m/c & 600 RPM dobby m/c
  • Control panel: logic & PC type
  • Indicator signal lamp: 4-colour LED type
  • Weft feeler: infra red (I/R) type
  • Weight: 1.6 tones to depending on reed space